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ReferAway is a new revolutionary Free Business Networking Mobile App that allows you to Send, Receive and Track Referrals, create Networking Groups, and Track Revenue from each referral.

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There are two ways you can send a referral with ReferAway:

1)  From the Dashboard screen by pressing the      .  A new window will appear asking you who you would like to send the referral to:


You will be presented with three options: Vendor - Customer - Self.

Here are the difference with each option:

Vendor: when sending a referral to a Vendor, the Customer will receive Vendor's information and the Vendor will receive Customer's information.

Customer: when sending a referral to a Customer, the Customer will receive Vendor's information but the Vendor will only receive Customer's name and no contact information. Choose this option if your customer does not want to be contacted by the Vendor.

Self: someone gave you referral verbally and you would like to track it.

2)  You can send a referral directly to your contact from the "Contact Screen" by tapping on             

It is important to keep in mind that the persons you're sending the referral to must be added to your contact list.

You can Add Notes to your referral.  Only the person who you are sending the referral TO is able to view the Notes and not the person listed under the Referral Information.

You can also take a picture by tapping on the          image and include it in your referral.

You can also "Add Comment" to the referral which will be visible the recipients end.

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Networking Referral Mobile App

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