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ReferAway is a new revolutionary Free Business Networking Mobile App that allows you to Send, Receive and Track Referrals, create Networking Groups, and Track Revenue from each referral.

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ReferAway FAQs

How does ReferAway work?


ReferAway is a very easy to use App, here are the simple steps:


1.  Visit the App Store or Google Play to download and use the App for FREE.


2.  Click on Register a New Account.


3.  Enter your First & Last Name, your Cellphone number, your Email address and choose a Password.  Optional Info do not need to be completed at this time but we highly recommend that you take the time and fill in the blanks.


4.  A verification code will be sent to you that you will need to enter to confirm you're an actual person.


5.  Enter the verification code and you're on your way to "ReferAway".


How to send a referral?

Click on the + sign on top right corner of your screen to send a referral.

You will be presented with three options: Vendor - Customer - Self.

Here are the difference with each option:

Vendor: when sending a referral to a Vendor, the Customer will receive Vendor's information and the Vendor will receive Customer's information.

Customer: when sending a referral to a Customer, the Customer will receive Vendor's information but the Vendor will only receive Customer's name and no contact information. Choose this option if your customer does not want to be contacted by the Vendor.

Self: someone gave you referral verbally and you would like to track it.

How does the communication between all the parties involved in a referral work?


Once you have decided to send a referral to a contact, a short referral form will need to be completed providng the customer and the referral information to your contact.  Here are the steps:


1)  Your Vendor will receive a "Text" or "Push Notification" informing them that you have initiated a referral.  The customer's information and notes will be displayed for your contact to view.  Note: if your contact doesn't have the Free ReferAway App, they will be asked to download it before they're able to view the referral.


2)  Your customer will receive a Text informing them you have referred them to your contact.  Your contact's information will be displayed for your customer to view.  Your customer will not need to download the App to view the referral but is given a link and encouraged to do so.


3)  A detailed log of the referral is created in your and your contact's ReferAway account for tracking purposes.

Can the customer view the communication between me and my contact?


No, the customer is not notified nor do they have access to any of the communications between your and your contact regarding the referral.

Once I add a contact to my account, can they see my other contacts whom I conduct business with?


No, you are the only person with access to your contacts.

How will I know when a referral is either still pending, completed or failed?        


Once your contact to whom you had referred the business to has updated the transaction status, you will receive a push notification letting you know the status of the referral has changed.  Open ReferAway and view the status.

How do "Groups" work?


The "Group" feature in ReferAway works very similar to the Group feature of Facebook®.  You can either create and start your own Group or be invited to join existing groups.


If you start your own group, then you can invite others to join your group.  Keep in mind that the members you invite will not show up in your group unit they have accepted your invitation.


You will need to be invited to join any other groups.


Group members have access to one another and can send referrals directly to any member within that group.


The Admin does not have access to your ReferAway activities taking place outside of the group.

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